February 26, 2017

A while back during a Sunday evening Bible study concerning a passage in Philippians, it was observed that despite the Philippian congregation being a very young church and consisting of only a handful of folks (Lydia and her family along with the jailer and his family), they insisted on financially supporting Paul’s missionary efforts in Thessalonica (Philippians 4:16). The point was made that despite a particular congregations age or size, it is always possible to support outside evangelistic concerns. This was followed up some time later by the question, “why aren’t we sending more to children’s homes and missionaries?”

As most of you are aware, this congregation receives outside support. Last year we were blessed with nearly five thousand dollars from Mr. and Mrs. Larry Williams of Searcy, Arkansas, and for a number of years the Lakeview church has been sending us several hundred dollars a month. It is our understanding that the senders of these funds intended that they be used for local purposes here in Aberdeen. With that understanding in mind, the leaders of this church have decided that much of our funds should stay here, as it were.

While serving the Lord is not about stuff and things, the stuff and things that we use to serve the Lord must be taken care of. Our building was in need of some repair and updates. The parsonage had some rather serious issues, some of which, if not taken care of soon, were going to be extremely expensive fixes down the road and could have eventually led to the house being unlivable. Just like with your own property, if we’re going to keep the house, then the house needs regular upkeep. Those outside funds, along with the funds saved due to not having a full-time minister for so long, have allowed us to pay for this upkeep and care. Everything we’ve done around the property has had practical and safety implications, not just asctetic. We have also put some of our monies toward a few local evangelistic outreaches, including the House to House paper and a Gospel Meeting. Additionally, your support of a full-time minister affords him the time for evangelism in the form of visits, bible studies, and public encouragement from the pulpit.

All of that said to say this – what is done from the congregation’s treasury does not have to dictate what you do with your own money and time. Yes, there are missionary families who need supported, there are orphaned children who need fed, and there are disaster victims who need clothing and housing. You can help them, and quite frankly, you should help them. The coins and bills you drop into our weekly collection plate need not be your only contribution to those in need.

Today our guest speaker is Kelvin Hoover. Brother Hoover works with Orphans Lifeline International. You are encouraged to visit the organization’s website to see more about who they are and what they do. We sure do appreciate men like Kelvin and their families who sacrifice to spread the word about those in such dire need. In a perfect world the Aberdeen Church of Christ would cut them a check for a million dollars today. Not possible, and not going to be possible for a long, long time. However, you personally can give. If you see a need that you feel the church should be supporting but isn’t, then you may need to take matters into your own hands with your own wallet. If you see a work that needs done but the church isn’t doing it, then you may need to take the time to do it with your own hands. Consider it. Pray about it. God will guide.

Chuck Schultheisz